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Open Climb

From $14 per visit with 10 Visit Punch Pass pass Show full pricing
Day Pass $16 • 1 visit • This One Day Pass allows access to Summit Everett's facility for the entire day of purchase.
10 Visit Punch Pass $140 • 10 visits • The 10 Day Punch Pass gives you 10- full days of access to Summit Everett's facility
Youth Membership $35 every month • Unlimited visits
Monthly Membership $55 every month • Unlimited visits • A Monthly Membership allows the Member to climb as much as they want each month.
One Month Pass $70 • Unlimited visits for 1 month • This One Month Pass gets you complete access to the facility for 30 days from date of purchase.
Family Membership $100 every month • Unlimited visits • This membership is valid for adult couples, youth siblings, and parent and youth
High School Climbing Club $100 every month • Unlimited visits •

Are you a high school student who likes to climb?

The High School Climbing Club is an opportunity to join a community of teens who share a passion for climbing. We'll explore all that the sport has to offer, from basic climbing technique to the mental side of climbing. Come join a welcoming community of climbers and reach your summit!

1. Do I need any climbing experience or my own gear?

The awesome part of the HSCC is its benefit to both first-time and experienced climbers. Climbing is a sport that unites climbers of all ability levels, and that's the culture we strive to create. No worries if you don't have any gear. We've got rental gear you can use.

2. What does a typical class look like?

- Dynamic Warmup & Mobility
- Climbing-Specific Warmup
- Climbing Lesson
- Guided Climbing (Coach feedback and projecting)
- Cooldown

3. What will we learn?

Technique, training, and the mental side of climbing are the main subjects when it comes to climbing knowledge. We'll explore a range of topics within each of these. Check out some examples for each below!

Technique: Footwork, Flagging, and Drop-Knees

Training: Strength, Power, Power-Endurance

Mental: Route Reading, S.M.A.R.T. Goals, and Fear of Falling

4. What is the long-term goal of the HSCC?

Some climbing gyms around the country host season high school climbing leagues. These leagues feature clubs/teams from local high schools who practice at the climbing gym for club meetings and compete in seasonal competitions. Our hope is that the HSCC would grow to includes clubs of students from different schools who join together every week to learn, practice, and compete in friendly competitions.

One Year Membership $575 • Unlimited visits for 12 months • This Pre Paid year plan gets 12 months of access to Summit Everett.
Our facility is open to the general public every day except for certain times when special events are occuring.