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Summit Fitness

Our fitness classes will keep you in shape and take your climbing to the next level.
All of our classes are free to anyone who has purchased valid entry to Open climb,

Yoga Class

Our weekly Yoga class is Free to anyone with a valid pass or plan for Open climb. That includes all memberships, month pass and day pass holders. Please bring your own mat if possible.

Applied Fitness

Applied Fitness focuses on general fitness, strength, power, and endurance. Class will utilize the climbing wall as well as the equipment area for a structured work out. Free with valid plan or pass.

Mobility & Recovery

This class will help you improve recovery and mobility. We will take you through a series of movements using foam rollers and myofascial release balls. The class will include a warm up and slow stretch period as well.

Yoga Workshop $25 per classPurchase required to enroll

Climbing takes strength & flexibility, mental focus, and the need for tools to calm fear, anxiety and self doubt. Yoga uses breath to center and focus the mind, postures to increase flexibility, and mental awareness to shift self-doubt to calm confidence.
If climbing is your passion, prepare your mind and body to become more confident on the walls.